N.S. Giles Foundations Inc. is very proud and excited to be a partnering with Cianbro, as well as Brasfield & Gorrie on the new construction and additions to the facilities of the Tower Project at the Eastern Maine Medical Center, located in Bangor, Maine. Upon completion of this project, a new lobby, state of the art surgical suites and additional patient rooms will be available to better serve the community and continue to provide the world class service that is synonymous with EMMC and their dedicated professionals. The scope of this project is quite significant and presents unique logistical challenges, which call for innovative solutions and bring to bear the need to utilize the latest technologies, equipment and design planning. As always, N.S. Giles is at the forefront when it comes to these complex projects and coupled with our unsurpassed commitment to safety, professional and experienced employees, are able to surpass the expectations of the job and deliver an end product that will stand as a benchmark in the industry.

Our portion of the construction will include all cast in place concrete, with an approximate total yardage of 10,000 cubic yards of concrete, 1,000,000 pounds of rebar and 400,000 square feet of wire mesh reinforcements. The foundation design is that of grade beam and pile cap formwork, as well as traditional footings and spread footings. To mitigate some of the opportunities we will be facing in the construction of retaining walls between slab on grade on multiple elevations as well as placement of 30 foot firewalls on 9 line, will be utilizing our new RT 80 crane to fly in ganged forms and pre-tied rebar, as well as other materials. The slab on grade will be that of 14” thick structural slab with 2 continuous mats of #6 rebar. As access and logistical concerns due to layout of the existing structure and new construction pose a barrier to productivity, N.S. Giles and all other trades involved have brainstormed to overcome said obstacles by combining our shared strengths and ideas to formulate strategies to accomplish our objectives, while maintaining our production schedules and ensuring that everyone is focused on safety and provided with the most effective fall protection and material handling equipment available on the market.