Bangor Savings Bank

In December of 2017, we received the contract for the concrete footings, foundations and slabs for the new Bangor Savings Bank office complex, with a start date of January 8, 2018. This new complex is located right in our home city of Bangor on Main Street. This project brought a different type of schedule to the table for our team. Commitments had been made for the building to be complete for the owners to move into the new building the first of February 2019.  This project consisted of 1,112 lineal feet of concrete footings and walls. The walls range in height from five feet tall to over nineteen feet tall. The footprint of the building occupies 21,330 square feet per floor, with five floors above the basement. The basement holds the mechanical rooms, elevator control rooms, and be a total of 7,600 square feet. In the spring of 2018, the parking garage for the new Bangor Savings project went out for bid. This was a unique design as there is a one-sided foundation wall against the building foundation for the parking garage. This wall is nineteen feet tall, and one hundred and fifteen feet long. This work was done with the building foundation 

The project started on time for the concrete work, with the frost walls along the front side of the building then dropping into the deep excavation for the basement. The basement had a very deep cut with steep slopes and heavy stepped footings. This offered a challenge in the month of January to keep the ground frost free. The snow removal out of the deep foundations was a never-ending process during the foundation work. In the month of January, it snowed eight days with a total of nineteen inches of snow. That calculates into a lot of shovel fulls out of the deep basement. Thankfully, we had one of our in-house eighty-ton cranes on site full time with two large snow blankets. The snow blankets were deployed and filled with snow then flown out and dumped for the ground crew to take away. Attacking the snow removal in this manner with the eighty-ton crane kept our form team on track as gangs were ready to be flown in for the deep foundation work. The deep foundation work continued throughout the month of January with snow removal as a regular daily task for the team. The month of February didn't let up much, with seven days of snow and total of fifteen inches, the shovels stayed busy. The form crew kept on working hard on the footings and walls and moved into the cast in place elevator shaft. This shaft would consist of concrete walls with a total height of nineteen feet tall. The elevator shaft and tall walls were complete by the end of February and the frost walls closed out into March. The one-sided wall started to be formed in February. This wall was one sided and anchored into the new building foundation, with three inches of rigid insulation as a barrier between the two. We were able to use our steel ply panels for this work with drop in anchors and coil rods. The rigid was drilled to accommodate the anchors, then filled back with foam. All placements went well with no issue. The anchor bolts and grout cones were set and as built by our in-house survey team. 

Foundations were complete by the end of March and structural steel was going up. The first slab on deck placement went in mid-April with the remaining decks to follow. All decks and slabs on grade were in and complete by the end of May.

The structural concrete and slabs for the office building were complete and we also had won the bid for the parking garage. 

The Parking Garage houses five hundred cars for the Bangor Savings employee's when complete. The foundation consists of over six hundred and sixty feet of footings and walls, with wall heights over 18 feet. This form work was intricate with cast in place corbels for the double tee's to set on as well as rubbed finished walls in the bottom level. There were a multitude of embeds, grout cones and rods that had to be set precisely to accommodate the precast erection in the months to come. The layout team along with the onsite team did an exceptional job with the layout of all items. All the precast was set in place without a hitch. 

To complete the Parking Garage, our team placed all the stair landings, concrete washes and curbs throughout all five floors of the parking garage. They also worked on the trench drains, transition slabs as well the generator foundation for this portion of the project. 

 The team on site placed 4,599.5 yards of concrete and 113.553 tons of steel with 32,336 safe man-hours to date. Our team takes a lot of pride in all of its work. This job is a little special to some where it is our home town and the third largest project the team has completed on the main street corridor in Bangor.