Safety Mission Statement

“Safety is our foundation”

The health and safety of our employees is more than a priority, it is a fundamental value that shapes our continued success and growth. We are vigilant as we strive to provide a safe work environment for our employees, clients and vendors through proactive safety training, focus and employee recognition.

We are all responsible as it relates to the education and encouragement of safe practices on a daily basis. Our goal is to eliminate workplace incidents or accidents, ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of our employees and others.

At N.S. Giles Foundations, Inc. our motto is “to be the best of the best” and our commitment to safety is clearly reflected in that.

N.S. Giles Foundations Inc. - Safety, Health, and Wellness

Creating a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

 Substance free job sites and workplace

 Incentives for embracing safety culture

 Stretches at the start and stopping points

 Full access to a 100% no cost and anonymous Employee Assistance Program

 Quarterly Safety Committee meetings

 5 Star training program for new hires

Promoting Health and Medical Self-Management

 Behavior Based Safety Culture

 Transportation and company support through medical offices across the state

 Safety Toolbox Talks